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My Favorite Protein Smoothie Can Smooth Out the Day for Women With ADHD

Sambazon’s Protein Acai Berry + Chocolate Superfood Smoothie

Until this protein smoothie became unavailable in my local area (to my knowledge) I more or less lived off of it. I drank it every day for breakfast and sometimes had it for a snack or second meal.

When I started my day with this smoothie, it seemed like there was a subjective probability of my day going about 75% better than when I didn’t.

I can instantly tell the difference between this smoothie and others I’ve tried. I’m not exactly sure what the difference consists of, but it tastes cleaner. The protein isn’t gritty, as if I’d mixed it myself from a powder, and it doesn’t have that iron taste you get in smoothies with added vitamins. It’s pretty much just acai, chocolate, whey and soy protein, milk, and sugar. It strikes a balance between giving instant energy and spreading the effect out for the rest of the day.

The mix of the elements seems to be magic.

I would suggest that this smoothie is especially helpful for women and those with ADHD. Most people with ADHD need extra protein during the day because of the amino acid deficiencies that seem to go with the condition for the vast majority of sufferers. ADHD is a neurological disorder, and because many “healthy” products are irritating to the nervous system for various reasons (wrongly processed soy, or additives for instance) they may hurt and help at the same time. That’s not my experience with this Sambazon product. The protein clears my head up all day long, getting rid of that desperately-hungry-no-matter-how-much-I-eat feeling that usually plagues me. The chocolate adds a little caffeine for a small stimulant spark that doesn’t overwhelm. And the acai seems to calm my whole system down or clean it up or something. Not a nutritionist, sorry – just a satisfied customer.

Many grocery stores sell Sambazon products but may not necessarily have this one.

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